Relatable content with a pulse

Hi, my name is Colin. I’m a personal finance and lifestyle freelance writer with several years of content marketing experience. I dig deep with my writing and the outcome is content that is throughout, concise, and resonates with a target audience.

Crafting consistent good content means having the ability to think big, with an overview on what the content, all together, collectively conveys. I’ll work with you to deliver content that connects with your brand message and engages your audience.

work with me colin j ashby

Blog posts & articles

Content is the essential back bone to delivering a brand message. I take time to research and write well-written authoritative blog posts geared toward connecting with a target audience. I have experience writing content in the personal finance, tech, and lifestyle industries. Whether you need high-quality blog posts, email newsletter creation, or copywriting, I can help and deliver.

Topics I write about include:

  • saving money
  • making more money
  • frugality
  • money mindset
  • psychology behind debt
  • destroying debt
  • general personal finance

work with me colin j ashby

Blog management

I’ve been using WordPress as a CMS for years. Maintaining all the aspects of blog management can be a lot. I can help! I’ll make sure your WordPress site is up to date, necessary plug-ins are installed, and will update pages and website copy when necessary.

My blog management services include:

  • making sure most up to date version of WordPress is installed
  • updating pages and website copy
  • blog post and podcast image creation using Canva or Photoshop
  • scheduling social media posts in advance
  • responding to any social media inquiries
  • optimizing blog posts for SEO

work with me colin j ashby

SEO audit

Do you want to increase your reach and expand your brand message? SEO is the key to expanding your reach. Through my SEO website audits, I go through your website, target areas of improvement, and deliver a full pdf report on my findings and tips for improvement.


Send me an email at hello[at]rebelwithaplan[dot]com or use the form below. Looking forward to hearing from you!