Blog posts & digital marketing services for personal finance, tech and lifestyle topics

Words connect with people. I write well-developed content that connects. My main focus is in researching and writing blog posts and doing content strategy for personal finance and lifestyle topics. I have several years of experience in content marketing and connecting with target audiences. Well-crafted words are important and I deliver content that has good readability and something a target audience will resonate with.

I won’t do keyword stuffing or use fancy jargon. I’m all about crafting blog posts in a voice and tone that fits into a brand voice and narrative. Content with a pulse, it’s what helps take marketing efforts forward and spread your brand’s message.

Let’s connect and talk more about how to streamline your content marketing efforts.


rebel with a plan writing

Well-written and edited blog posts, staff writing, email newsletters, ebook writing, and ghostwriting. I will help you create personal finance and lifestyle content with a pulse that helps convey your brand message further.

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An SEO optimized website allows your brand’s message to have a greater reach. I provide digital marketing services to help your website rank higher in search engines and get seen by more people.

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I can help out with blog commenting, editorial calendar management, social media scheduling, blog post formatting, email templates and image creation.

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